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Our company is family-run and owned. Over three decades in the masonry industry, we have renovated some of New York City’s most recognizable structures. We take great pleasure in our keen eye for detail and commitment to client satisfaction.
Look no further than Sardar Restoration Corp. if you need a masonry contractor in NYC that can offer you the best services. Our team of highly qualified experts, who specialize in brick pointing, can return your house or place of business to its former splendor. Call now at (+1) 917-355-8556.

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Experience the Top Restoration Services From Leading Masonry Contractor NYC

The Best Masonry Contractor in NYC With over 25 years of experience, Sardar Restoration Corp is the best masonry contractor in NYC. We specialize in brick pointing and have a proven track record of providing high-quality masonry services in NYC.

In the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and NYC, Sardar Restoration Corp. is your one-stop shop for all restoration needs because we are the only masonry contractor in the whole city.

Our process consists of three simple phases. First, a member of our staff comes to your place to assess the basic circumstances and working environment. The second phase is when we provide you with a free estimate for the entire project, and the last step is when we plan your work in accordance with your time management.

Schedule a meeting with a reputable masonry contractor in NYC to construct your ideal house.

Your house or place of business may be brought back to its former splendor thanks to our team of highly qualified experts in brick pointing. For more than 25 years, Sardar Restoration Corp. has been a reputable brand in masonry. Brick-pointing is our area of expertise, and we have a track record of pleased clients.

Having been in business for more than 25 years, Sardar Restoration is a reputable masonry contractor in NYC. Only the highest quality is provided to clients by our trained staff. Get your free estimate quotation by calling us at 917-355-8556 right away.