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Residential Brick Pointing Contractor

Residential Brick Pointing Cost

Resenditial Brick Pointing Contractor

Get Your Brick Pointed with Confidence and Durability by Sardar Restoration Corp. Save your old bricks from wear and tear by hiring residential brick pointing and restoration company today.

Residential Brick Pointing

Quality Resenditial Brick Pointing You Deserve

Revitalize your home with Sardar Restoration Corp’s expert brick pointing services. Our skilled contractors provide top-quality work at an affordable cost, ensuring your property stands strong against the elements for years to come. Trust us to enhance the aesthetic and structural integrity of your residential building in NYC.

How It Works

Step 1

Book an appointment by filling out our online form or giving us a call. We send a team of expert masons to your home or office to survey the damage and provide you with a free estimate.

Step 2

We'll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for the work. Once you approve the estimate, we begin the process of restoration, which includes cleaning and repairing any damaged bricks.

Step 3

We then apply a new coat of mortar to your bricks, which will protect them from further weather damage and restore their original beauty.

Get Your Bricks Pointed Right

Looking to restore your brickwork in NYC? Look no further than Sardar Restoration Corp! Our residential brick pointing services will leave your home looking brand new. We’re the trusted contractor for all of your brick pointing needs, with affordable pricing and a commitment to quality. Don’t let damaged or deteriorating bricks bring down the value of your property – contact us today for a free estimate!

Our team of experts specializes in affordable and reliable residential brick pointing services. Trust the expert call us right away and book your appointment.